A Full Range of Services

We believe that financial advice should be understandable and delivered in a supportive, educational environment.

Fairfield Financial Advisors has experience working with traditional, blended, and non-traditional families as well as individuals. Our professionals have expertise in a broad range of issues that includes:

  • Developing and implementing a personalized investment strategy
  • Developing retirement plans
  • Determining estate planning strategies
  • Helping clients manage major life changes, such as inheritance, disability or loss of a spouse through death or divorce
  • Recommending tax-effective ways to manage retirement savings
  • Evaluating methods of immediate and deferred charitable gifting
  • Establishing funding plans for the education of children
  • Determining optimal strategies for the exercise of stock options
  • Analyzing compensation packages for executives considering a career move
  • Guiding discussions regarding wills and trusts that meet the needs of a broad range of family structures

Fairfield Financial Advisors can also respond effectively to the unique requirements of small businesses that include recommending appropriate retirement plans as well as managing the investment assets.